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Seilscheibenpfeiler Schallplatten Berlin (Seit 1994) is a record Label founded by Modeselektor’s Sebastian Szary and Gernot Bronsert. After its initial launch in the early techno era of post-wall Berlin it has now been reanimated to pursue its mission of delivering high quality dance music into recordbags all around the globe.

The labels logo and name are an honoration of the one of a kind original Seilscheibenpfeiler, placed in Rüdersdorf, Germany. This monument used to exacavate various sorts of rock out of the depths of the eastern German ground. In order to continue the memorials legacy, Seilscheibenpfeiler Schallplatten Berlin (Seit 1994) has now taken on the challenge of digging out musical gems, just like its predecessor used to dig…

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